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What is meant by “One Stop Shopping Solution”?

One Stop Shopping solution means that if you are doing business with us, you will not have to worry about anything. No matter if you are manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler or retailer, if you want kitchenware from china, you just have to tell us. Our strong team of engineers, designers, researchers, and experts will handle all of your kitchenware manufacturing and sourcing requirements, so that you can exclusively focus on your brand & market development.


How do you ensure quality of products?

Kimstar’s Quality Engineers and Quality Inspectors conduct a series of on-site and laboratory tests to verify the quality of mass production units based on international regulations and safety standards. We make sure that all Industry standards are complied with, including US, EU, Asia, ASTM, ISTA, California Proposition 65, EN, EEC and all other relevant standards.We understand that Substandard and Low Quality Kitchenware products present a real danger to the health of consumers and it can dilute your brand image. Our expert technical engineers will adhere to your specific requirements related to quality inspections and checklists.We fulfill all requirements of FDA, LFBG, SGS etc. Also, you can assign Third party inspection to check the product quality.

Do you provide Sourcing services?

Yes, Infact, we are the Best in the Region for providing all types of sourcing services for Kitchenware products.Our sourcing services include everything from Sourcing Products, Sourcing Suppliers, Negotiating Prices, Quality Control, Following up on Production, Logistics, Testing, Bundling, Technical assistance, Logistics, Sample preparation, Shipping & Reporting. And all of this at VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE !

How can I get quotation?

You can connect with our customer support or sales team, they will help you on this.

Do you provide Samples? How soon can I get sample?

Yes, we provide all type of samples. Existing sample will be delivered with 2-3 working days, while Customized samples will be delivered within 7-10days.


What is your MOQ?

We are very flexible on our MOQs. We understand that not all businesses can afford large bulk orders. You can get in touch with our customer support team, we will do everything to make sure that your all requirements are met.

What is the Lead time?

Repeat orders are standard 35 days while the new products are 45-60 days. Also, it would depend upon your quantity. We assure you to deliver your products on time, everytime, always.

Can I have free sample for company test?

Yes, why not. We focus on building long term relationships with our clients, so, we are open to everything. Normal samples are available and the shipping cost will be on your account. While you can understand that customized sample will cost us so we will be pricing it according to the technique and costing.

What are your payment terms?

For complete details on this, you can contact our customer support team. They will guide you on all steps from scratch to finish.

Do you accept all types of online payment gateways?

Yes, We accept all legal online payment gateways working in the country.

Are you an experienced company in Kitchenware Industry?

Yes, We are an established name in Kitchenware domain in this part of the region. Kimstar’s parent company, YangjiangJinbaili Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is located in YangDong Industrial Area, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China, in the region which is known as the hub of manufactures and suppliers of kitchenware products. Yangjiang started as an international trading company and has the experience of selling in more than 20 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, etc., and has a stable customer base.

Do you provide 3D Samples?

Yes, Kimstar’s Professional 3D Artists have helped number of manufacturers around the globe to visualize their Ideas digitally. With State-of-Art and latest CGI Technology, our team can create product 3D Sample Models of any complexity in just 48 working hours.

How 3D Samples will benefit my business?

You can use our 3D Sample Models to create your Digital Catalogs on Websites and Online Stores. This is an effective marketing strategy being used by many of our clients, which has helped them to achieve phenomenal sales.Kimstar’s primary goal of creating top-notch 3D modeling services is to make our customer’s kitchenware products more presentable, digitally. Our 3D models and renders show all product details from various angles, with possibility to zoom products in & out, cut-out image option and showcasing a 360° product view.

Do you provide OEM services?

Yes, Kimstar provides efficient OEM services where you can get your product manufactured from scratch as per your need. We have developed our specialization in OEM services for all Kitchenware products as our dependable team of Expert Engineers and Designers have been doing this, year after year, Since 2005.Kimstar is known for its Design, Quality, Craftsmanship, Performance, Durability and Customer Service at affordable prices. This is the reason that we are OEM to several top brands around the world.

Do you provide custom packing service also?

Yes, Kimstar offers the best custom packing services that will make your Products stand out from rest of the competition.We have been serving a wide range of satisfied customers with our high quality and efficient services in terms of Attractive & Protective Kitchenware Packing Solutions. We provide different packing options based on target audience, cost and brand image. Choosing the right materials depends on many factors. You Don’t have to worry as our designers will help you choose the right packaging for your product.

I have an idea of product, can you design it for me?

Yes, we are experienced in converting ideas to reality. We understand that Designing a product needs a lot of attention to minute details. Kimstar follows a complete problem solving approach as our Experts Craft, Design, Test, and Deliver the perfect solution, tailored to your specific needs. Kimstar maintain its market position through continuous improvements in its Design Processes, Quality Management, Latest Technology and Employee Competency. You can rely on us, if you are looking for Professional help in Designing Kitchenware products.

Can you put my brand name on your products and sell me?

Yes, We will help your business customize our products to your own branding and specifications. You can provide us by a CAD, AI, PDF of drawing or tooling instruction concept. Our highly experienced team will ensure that every procedure is performed with attention to detail and to the highest standard. We can also help you develop original product ideas that still do not exist on the market.

Can I visit you?

You are most welcome to visit us. We will be happy to have you. You can call us, before you leave your country, so that our team can guide you better. Our exact address is YangjiangKimstar Industry & Trading LTD, No. A14, YangDong Industrial Area, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us, our team will be happy to serve you.


Contact person: Julie Ye

Whatsapp at 008618718768077


Phone: 0086-18718768077

Time to call: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (UTC + 8)

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