How to import chef’s knives from China

How to import chef’s knives from China

Types of Cook’s Knives Used in China

Generally, there are many types of knives used in the world, like bread knives, table knives, meat knives, butcher knives, pairing knives, paring knives, salmon knives, steak knives, boning knives, chef’s knives, and many more. But in China, the two most famous types of knives are used. They are known as the meat knife or the bone knife. It is also known as gudao. The other type of knife is known as the vegetable knife or the chef’s knife. The main purpose of a knife is to make small pieces of food or up to the requirements. Chinese people usually chop the vegetables, and so they need a good quality knife. Chef’s knives are the best choppers. The length of a chef’s knife is approximately 8–10 inches. It has a curved body with a narrow end. If any spice is missing in the food, the food does not taste good; it feels incomplete. The same is true for chefs’ knives. A Chinese kitchen is totally incomplete without a chef’s knife. Yet it is the most important tool there. All people can not use knives. Some can just hold the knife while others can cut with it gently. It’s only an expert who can have a command of the usage of a knife. The experts can even prevent themselves from cuts and bruises. Some important parts include the edge of the knife, its point, handle, tang, spine, tip, blade, butt, bolster, and tip. Some knives are really very sharp. You need to hold them with great care. Otherwise, you may get your finger cut. Before using a knife, you must learn the parts and functions of the knife’s parts. On the edge of the knife, there is a tip. When you want to cut delicately, you use the tip of the knife. As the name suggests, the spine is the backbone of the knife. Apart from everything else, the spine’s duty is to provide equilibrium. It has to maintain stability. A heel is that part of the knife on which the chef exerts pressure while cutting. It is also known as the wildest part of the knife. Then comes the blade. The blade is one of the essential parts. There are different types of blades used in knives, like titanium, ceramic, plastic, and high-or low-quality steel. If you are using a chef’s knife, it must have a high-quality blade in it. Moreover, the handle is the part of the knife from which the chef holds it. It must be smooth and friendly so you can work easily in the kitchen without difficulty. At last, comes the point, which is the end of the knife. It is pointed finely and helps in piercing the food. Chinese chef knives resemble meat cleavers. Because the chef has to work in a hurry, it is rectangular in shape, a bit different from other knives. The chef’s knife used in China is also known as the Chinese cleaver. It doesn’t weigh heavily, rather it is light in weight. A Chinese kitchen is not complete without having a chef’s knife in it, whereas in a Western kitchen, you may only see these knives at the meat store. Because of their rectangular shape, they look so big and one can even imagine their heavy weight without even holding them. The chef’s knife has another name also, known as the Caidao. This knife performs all the functions and never disappoints you. There is one specialty about Chinese knives; they are the best choppers.

What are chef knives?

A chef’s knife is also known as a vegetable or fruit chopping knife. Its main purpose is to chop the food nicely. A chef’s knife is the best chopping tool in the kitchen. The chef is incomplete without the chef’s knife. A chef’s knife has many names, and one of them is “cook’s knife. Hence, it is the most important cooking tool. A chef’s knife has a curved body with a pointed edge at one end. A chef’s knife is the best-known knife used for the purpose of chopping and dicing. The vegetables chopped by the chef’s knives are cut without any error. The pieces are all the same size. A chef’s knife is one of the most flexible knives in the kitchen. It has many benefits and few or no disadvantages. When you have a bulk of vegetables, you may use only a chef’s knife and all your vegetables will be chopped into small pieces. It is made especially for the purpose of chopping. It would be no exaggeration to say that the chef’s knife had made lives far easier. The chef’s knife is very famous for its versatility. It can be used for a variety of tasks, such as mincing, dicing, chopping, cutting, making equal parts, and much more. You can say that more than 90 percent of the usage is of the chef’s knife. It would be better to say that a chef’s knife is a multipurpose kitchen knife with a lot of benefits. Using a chef’s knife is a safe way to cut, chop, or mince whatever you want to do. The knife is not very heavy, but it is light in weight. Anyone can use the knife easily and work fruitfully without hurting themselves. Chef’s knife blades may vary depending upon the purpose. They are made up of carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramic, and laminated. The handle is made up of friendly, soft, smooth wood. The handle is made so that it won’t hurt the hand. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to use these knives. People generally think that once they grab a chef’s knife, they can chop easily, but that is not true because there is a technique for how to use a chef’s knife. When people adopt that technique, they are successful in their work. Although people work according to their own will, if they want to work peacefully using a chef’s knife, then they must learn the technique. Many cooks have shared their secret techniques and ways to work effectively. It would be an interesting experience to use a chef’s knife if you took training before using it.

The Purpose and Importance of Chef’s Knives

Chef’s knives are of much importance. It is an essential kitchen tool. No one can work without the help of a chef’s knife. It is the most important duty of the chef to make food without any errors. And the error-free food includes small slices of well-chopped and minced food. If there is any tool missing in the kitchen, the chef won’t be able to make good food. All the tools must be there. A chef’s knife performs many different functions like slicing, mincing, chopping, and dicing. And because of its rectangular shape, it looks like a meat cleaver. The chef’s knife is very famous for its multi-benefits. It has very sharp blades that help in chopping the vegetables in no time. Even if you want to slice the meat, you can use it. It helps you cut the steaks of meat without tearing the meat. It is ideal for cutting and chopping tough foods, as well as dicing, cutting meat, and chopping vegetables. But if you use it for cleaving meat bones, you will be disappointed. So don’t use it for cleaving meat, slicing bread, or other kinds of items. Chef’s knives are not so big nor so small. They are about 6–10 inches in length. They don’t even have much weight. They are easier to hold in your hand because of their light weight. Chef’s knives are rectangular in shape, just like cleavers. They have a sharp blade and maintain their balance while chopping. You may put one hand on the edge and use the other hand to hold it. Then you can see the accuracy while chopping, dicing, cutting, or mincing. You will be happy to see how the chef’s knife works fast without injuring your hands. Blades may vary according to your requirements. Carbon steel blades are the best because they last longer. and so it cost thousands of dollars. You may even say that the chef’s knives are the building blocks of the kitchen. No kitchen can work without it. Chef knives can be German or Japanese in style. The style can vary too. Both the German and Japanese brands have important qualities. The major difference is the blade. German chef knives’ blades are thicker while Japanese blades are thinner. They are refined by hand, while the German chef knives are refined by machines. German knives first appeared on the market in 1731, while Japanese chef knife makers refined them. Both are useful and can be used for multiple purposes. A chef’s knife must have something special. Their production involves many things. Chef’s knives are composed of hollow-edge, forged or stamped blades and low-quality or high-carbon stainless steel. There are both merits and demerits. Stainless steel never catches rust, while the blade that is not stainless can catch rust easily and get discoloured. These chef’s knives are costly, so they must be handled with great care.

Chef knives in China

In China, a large number of chef knives are used. The Chinese cutlery industry does its best to provide you with amazing products. But the production of useful products is a very risky task. The manufacturing process involves several steps. The first step is known as laser cutting. As we all know, steel is very hard and we can not cut it, so we use a laser to cut a piece of steel. This process is controlled by a computer. Every step is watched carefully. A specific amount of laser is used. Laser cutting is a time-consuming process. After laser cutting, we now have to harden the steel. For hardening, we place steel in a fire and give it heat. This blade is heated to a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. After heating, it is put into an electric furnace and then cooled down. This procedure is repeated until we obtain a rigid, tough, and elastic blade. The next step is to grind the surface of the blade. After that heating and cooling process is done, and we have obtained an elastic blade, it is then polished and sent for grinding so that the shape becomes clear. This process can also be called the sharpening process. The next step is called grazing. In this process, the blade is polished with a certain polishing material. After grazing, the perfect surface of the blade can be seen. Now comes bolster welding. The bolster is welded to the blade, and due to this, the durability of the blade is increased. Now comes the mirror polishing. Mirror polishing includes making the surface of the blade visible and neat. It gives a neat look to a rough blade. All that roughness converts into smoothness. Now the process of assembling has started. In this step, the bolster is fitted into the blade. In order to prevent steel from rusting, water-resistant materials are applied to the blade. Now starts wood handle polishing. In this process, the handle is polished by talented craftsmen. This is the ninth step, and it involves printing and marking the name of the company on the steel blade. The manufacturing date is also published, so you know the exact date. Finally, blade edging is also done. After all these ten procedures, the knives are completed and are ready for manufacturing. The manufacturing date is printed on the knife.

Manufacturers of chef knives (in China)

The cook can not work in the kitchen without a knife. Or you can say that a kitchen is incomplete without a knife. But from where can we get a knife with so many good qualities? A cook can find a knife online or he can go to the market to purchase the knife. Purchasing a knife is not an easy task. Sometimes you get deceived. Always use the knives of trusted manufacturers like Sourcing Nova. It took them years to build their reputation. Sourcing Nova provides the best quality German-style knives. Making a knife is not an easy task. The process is so lengthy as well as time-consuming. There are many manufacturers of knives, but not all produce the same quality of knives. Some knives are good and some are worse, depending upon the company. Some of the most famous chef knife manufacturers are Yangjiang Win’s Industries and Trades Co. Ltd. They are verified manufacturers and produce stainless steel plastic products of high quality. They have over 10 years of experience. Then comes Yangjiang Justa Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. It has more than 10 years of experience and produces kitchen knife sets, especially chef knives. Then comes Yangdong Kelida Industrial Co., Ltd. This company has experience of more than 15 years. They are both the manufacturers and exporters. Many other companies are also in line. They include Quanzhou Star Bag Co. Ltd, Keenhope Industry Co. Ltd, Shenzhen UD-Tek Technology Co. Ltd, Yangjiang Yangdong Mr. Right Industry and Trading Co. Ltd, Yangjiang Tiantianmei Industry and Trade Co. Ltd, Shanghai Just Import and Export Co. Ltd, August Supply Chain Ltd, Market Union Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Knivarkkitchenware Technology Co. Ltd. These are all very famous manufacturers and suppliers. Ouda Industry and Trade is one of the best Chinese steel manufacturers and even wholesale suppliers. They produce such sharp knives from stainless steel. Cooking is easy when the cook has no tension about cutting and chopping because he has a good knife. A cook searches for the best quality knife at a reasonable price. A very well-known company in China, OEM services, helps people achieve their targets. From the beginning till the end, their highly skilled engineers help you choose a knife design and then work on it. This company is one of the biggest suppliers in China.

How to wholesale chef’s knives from China

The knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. Without the knife, the cook can not perform any task. And so, the knife must have certain qualities, like it must be sharp, stainless, with a friendly grip, and have a beautiful design. It is hard to find a good knife with so many qualities. Therefore, in China, you can buy knives for your kitchen directly from a factory. Large industries use this option, or you can say that they sell at the wholesale price. It’s very convenient to buy that knife. All Asian and western chef knives designed are available and ready to be sold. Large companies like OEM’s main targets are to gain the trust of their buyers, and they have built and maintained a good reputation. They never compromise on the quality of the products. Their products are always tested and have never failed to compete. If you are sitting in Australia and you order a knife from their factory, they will provide you with shipping to every corner of the world. They have never dissatisfied customers who have ordered chef knives from their factory. They have had a large business running for the last 30 years. They have a solution for everything, and their environment is very friendly. Their customer service is above expectations. One would expect them to be good, but they will try their best to prove it to them. You can buy the knives directly from the factory at wholesale prices. You can even order them a customised knife. For this, you have to meet their manufacturer and tell him your requirements. He will make sure, and then your order will be ready. There are hundreds of thousands of stores on Amazon, Shopify, and WooCommerce. You can buy chef’s knives according to your taste and budget from any website. But you have to be careful while shopping online because there are scams and frauds. Before buying a knife, we have to check the reliability of the seller. We must check his previous reviews and ratings. Other names of wholesale companies include Anhui Easton Trade Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Long Prosper Industrial Co. Ltd., Fuzhou Winwin Industrial Co. Ltd., Plenty Harvest Manufacturing Limited, and many more. These companies provide you with the most beautiful designs of chef knives at very cheap rates. They provide you with competitive quality knives. Once you start purchasing knives from the best wholesale factories, there is no way back. You will love the quality and enjoy working with such knives. Importing and exporting knives is a difficult process because if the needs of the buyer and seller are not met, then they will have a bad experience. The reputation of the company will also be destroyed. A chef’s knife is an in-demand product, and such products never get old. More than 90 percent of kitchen work is done with a chef’s knife. A cook cannot use any other knife while he has a chef’s knife in his kitchen. Chef’s knives are used for multipurpose tasks, so they are never out. These knives are always in demand and they work so efficiently and accurately.

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