Kitchen Utensils- A How to Guide for Dealers Worldwide

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Kitchen Utensils- A How to Guide for Dealers Worldwide

China’s kitchen and cutlery manufacturing industry has grown exponentially over the last decade. Now, four of the largest companies in the kitchen and production industry accounts for more than 10% of the annual turnover. A lion’s share of this 10% income is achieved by Supor, a giant from the Chinese kitchen. This only tells that there are many small and medium producers that gives a healthy competition in the country. China is known for its amazing pottery and Cookware from ancient times. It is none other than the marvel it’s potters and artisans gifted the world that made it the most sought after in international market.

There won’t be a man who don’t remember the chǎofàn (fried rice) prepared in their kitchen. Preparing the right food is as important as preparing for a good day ahead. This is where you need the right kitchen utensils for you to get the job done efficiently.

Can I find everything for my kitchen in China?

I don’t think you would be hearing this question more often. China has been known to the world as the world’s factory. Today you might be reading this from Europe or America, but the next thing you see in your kitchen could be a fork from China. This is no wonder. Because your local vendor chose to order from us due to availability and price. That is what makes our factories reach out to the world. Today, it’s no secret that, China is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Kitchen Utensils in the world.

An estimated value of 17.28 Billion USD worth of kitchen utensils were exported in 2018 alone. And this figure remains unchallenged by any manufacturing and exporting giants in the kitchen utensils industry around the world.

The major buyers of kitchenware are from the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and wherever the ships sailed to.

Still should anyone doubt the production capacity?

As a retailer, you might be worried about the availability like anyone should be. China is not just the largest producer of kitchen utensils, it also makes home accessories, raw materials and has grown into a major hub for manufacturing essential components. Manufacturers in China now have the highest production capacity compared to what’s around the world. Only a tenth of total production are sold in the local market and the rest 90% of the produce of kitchenware and stainless-steel tableware are on their way to shops near you. This is yet another reason why the world counts on China’s Kitchen Utensils Manufacturers and Suppliers.

The Kitchen Utensils manufacturers of China as many heard of are mostly concentrated on the eastern provinces of Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu. It turns out that these provinces had become major exporting centers in the process.

A kitchenware manufacturer works with many suppliers for raw materials of various products. A well-developed supply chain that deliver these raw-materials consistently is the key reason why China’s Kitchen Utensils Manufacturers and Suppliers are able to deliver your huge orders on time.

For starters and small-scale retailers who wants to buy in smaller quantities can easily approach a small and medium-sized manufacturer in China who can quickly cater to your orders even at a short notice. It can greatly help in reducing the risk, if you need only the exact quantity based on the demand in your region.

Adaptations in the kitchen utensils industry

When a new trend hits the market, who do you think would want it the most? Ofcourse it’s, none other than you. The technological innovations the kitchen utensils industry and home accessories sector had created many innovative designs. These are not a decade away either. Just search it with your dear manufacturer in China and the product in the latest trend will be waiting for you at your doorstep. The customer’s preference for smart kitchen appliances ranging from refrigerators, ovens, dish washers and other kitchen appliances for a modern kitchen can be fulfilled through our home grown manufactures.

State-of-the-art technologies like AI enabled cloud data processing and automated manufacturing with artificial intelligence and industrial robots helps our manufactures to produce high-end kitchen utensils in no time. This is where you get your products on demand when you choose a manufacturer in China. The extensive investments in automation equipment and machineries further increase the production capacities. Most importantly, fully automated production lines had drastically reduced the labor costs and chances of human error.

A fully functional logistic supply chain

Country’s logistic infrastructure from roads to port, air, and rail transportation facilities made the logistics sector more efficient. This ensures the cross-border delivery of product and components on time and efficiently, further reducing the transportation costs.

This was a key milestone for those utensils in finding you, their new master.

What Kitchen Utensils can I find in China?

A kitchen utensil is anything small and handy enough for food preparation. Kitchen utensils can be either manually operated like a regular kitchen knife or electrically operated like the electric knife and electric mixers. Kitchen utensil can vary depending on particular task needed for food preparation and handling. Due to the importance of precision and safety, Kitchen utensils has to be replaced once they are old.

Since you came all the way to China, we will also suggest you some fast moving Kitchen Utensils that will bring you more sales;

  • Bread Knife
  • Serving spoons
  • Soup spoons
  • Kitchen knives
  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Pie dishes
  • Cutlery (spoon, forks, knives)
  • Can Openers
  • Corkscrews
  • Chopping boards
  • Garlic pressers
  • Peelers
  • Tongs
  • Pasta Servers
  • Muffin Pans
  • Bake pans
  • Potato Peelers
  • Graters
  • Potato mashers
  • Potato ricers
  • Wooden spoons
  • Spatulas
  • Whisks
  • Slicers/Mandolins
  • Kitchen Scales
  • Grill Pans
  • Skillets
  • Steamers
  • Trays
  • Strainer
  • Colanders
  • Egg Beaters
  • Electric mixers (bench and hand-held)
  • Rolling Pins
  • Baking Dishes
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Slotted spoons
  • Frying pans
  • Saucepans
  • Cooking rocks
  • Timers
  • Food/ Meat thermometer

The list doesn’t end here. Like the tip of an iceberg, these are just the requirement for every kitchen. Our manufacturers have now more orders for modular and smart kitchen than earlier times.

How does this complex manufacturing process go easily in China?

Kitchen utensils are not typically classified while manufacturing as a whole. Therefore, the manufacturing of kitchen utensils is not concentrated in a particular city or province.

 You may want to check these locations for the specific kitchen utensils you will need. You may notice that the products are categorized based on the materials they are made of. Kitchen utensils are mostly made in the eastern province of China including Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu because of their strategic location near the ports of Hong Kong and Macau.

Stainless steel cookwareJiangmen, Guangdong
Stainless steel cookwareChaozhou, Guangdong
Stainless steel cookwareNingbo, Zhejiang
Silicon, rubber and plastic kitchenwareDongguan, Guangdong
Silicon, rubber and plastic kitchenwareTaizhou, Zhejiang
Knives and Stainless Steel cookwareYangjiang, Guangdong
CutleryJieyang, Guangdong
Plastic cultureYiwu, Zhejiang
Cast iron cookwareShijiazhuang, Hebei
Metal cookwareYongkang, Zhejiang
GlasswareXuzhou, Jiangsu

How to find the right Kitchen Utensils Manufacturers and Suppliers in China?

Industry Meetups and Trade Shows

These are some of the famous exhibitions held in China.

  • Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Technology Exhibition (CKEXPO) , China

Founded in the year 1994, the Shanghai International Central Kitchen and Technology Exhibition (CKEXPO) is presented by Worldwide Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. It is a professional company specializing in organizing large-scale international events and meetings.

  • The Canton Fair

Established in the year 1957, the China Import and Export Fair popularly known as the Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou annually on every spring and autumn. This fair is collectively organized by the China Foreign Trade Centre and the Ministry of Commerce of PRC and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province.

Along with its longest history it is also the largest and most complete exhibition featuring thousands of products. The Canton Fair has the record for the largest buyer attendance and the widest source of Kitchen Utensils manufacturer and suppliers of all exhibitions held in China.

  • Kitchen & Bath China (Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai)

From 1994 onwards, the Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) is the most awaited kitchen and trade expo in China. The most powerful and influential trade expo that gives buyers an opportunity to be updated on the latest trend in kitchen utensils, furniture, built-in kitchens, modular kitchen equipment, fittings and valves. You can find international trade visitors from end-users, architects, engineers, retail traders, designers, importing and exporting companies here.

While providing the buyers a venue to see the latest products in the kitchen and bath industries, they can also interact and start business relationships.

Hiring a Sourcing Agent  

 sourcing agent can assist you find suppliers for your products anywhere in the country. An agent can also help you get the best prices for your products with his connections in the domestic Kitchen Utensils Manufacturers and Suppliers.

A sourcing agent is responsible for sourcing products, sourcing suppliers, negotiating prices, conducting quality control, checking on product compliance and testing, following up status of production, logistics and shipping. Sourcing agent is basically your representative in China to source and buy products on your behalf and he also completes all the processes that goes along with it. A good agreement with the sourcing agent can fetch you best deals with the Kitchen Utensils manufacturer and suppliers in China.

Make a deal with famous ones

Like everywhere else, there will be an apple of the eye in the kitchen utensils industry too. But there is a difference, here its apples. China has several top-level manufactures that make up the healthy competition. Let’s see who they are;


A Top shark started in 1968 with 23 people in Beijiao, Guangdong with an initial capital of only CNY 5,000. Now, they have grown to become world leader in small cooking appliances, large appliances and consumer appliances in the world. Midea products are available in more than 200 major markets the world. Midea has production facilities in 16 countries. In China, 49% of the production process is fully automated with 1,600 robots on the production line. The Midea Group has 150,000 employees.

Zhejiang Supor Co. Ltd.

Supor is a leading manufacturer of tableware and small appliances. It is the second largest tableware manufacturer in the world. In 2006, Supor became China’s largest tableware and small appliance manufacturer and in the same year, the company was bought by the French company SEB Internationale SAS. Supor is the first tableware company in China to be listed on the stock exchange. Supor has their R&D and manufacturing facilities in Yuhuan, Shaoxing, Ho Chi Minh City, Hangzhou and Wuhan. The company has more than 10,000 employees and sales networks in more than 50 international markets. Supor is the first tableware manufacturer in China to be awarded ISO certification. They have an annual production capacity of 100 million products in its 5 production plants. The Hangzhou facility alone has an annual output of 10 million rice cookers.

Liveon Industrial Co. Ltd

A leading manufacturer and retailer of kitchen knives, cutting boards, cheese tools and kitchen utensils established in 1998 in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. Liveon is now a registered brand in China and the European Union.

Liveon also has its main production plant in Yangjiang city employing over 150 with a team of R&D, QC and marketing professionals. The company provides ODM and OEM services. Liveon exports to the USA, Europe, Australia. The company has obtained several certifications of standard such as the BSCI, Sedex, ISO9001, 14001 and FSC.


The company has designed and developed a number of operating brands that have been well received in the market, including Concise, Nova and Fresh. Eka’s core value is centered on working with customers to create an amazing life that lives up to its slogan “Enjoy life Enjoy Eka”. This company offers brand design, marketing and industrial supply chain integration services.

Eka has perfected several advanced production methods for silicone, plastic and hardware platforms. The company has a marketing network in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, providing top-quality products and brand management services for world-famous brands and large supermarkets.

Finding the suppliers Online

Its fine if you don’t want to travel all the way to China. Fair Warning. You are missing your chance to see the Great wall and maybe, “the Monkey King”.

This business giant needs no special introduction. Just keep swiping for everything you need.

Connecting the suppliers with their most awaited buyers, they had put on strict rules and regulations that suppliers have to obey. Only legitimate suppliers and their products will be included in the platforms’ listing.

Quick-Tip for the Buyer: Negotiations are better made in-person.

What to Look for in a Kitchen Utensils Manufacturer?

 With the wisdom I earned from my master, I taught you how to find Kitchen Utensils manufacturer and suppliers in China. Now, I am going to enlighten you on your own needs as a retailer.

  • Quality Standards

ISO certifications are basis of product quality here. Do not hesitate to ask your manufacture whether they are ISO compliant and the certifications they possess that adhere to strict quality control norms.

  • Customization

Manufacturers produce generic kitchen utensils using their own designs and specifications. If your intention is to manufacture kitchen utensils with your own design and specifications, you should look for a manufacturer who can accommodate customized kitchen utensils. In such cases, we recommend find a good sourcing agent for better negotiations.

  • Production Capacity

Every client is to be treated like a precious gem. But any manufacturer in China will have a number of those alongside you. Having a clear idea of their production capacity will guarantee you the peace of mind. It helps you create your buying schedule and estimate production lead time to feed the demand.

  • Brands They Partnered With 

An idea of their past and present clients could be helpful in making negotiations. It also helps you determine their reliability and product quality.

  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

A seller running his business solely on demand should carefully look on to. MOQ is the minimum number of units that can be ordered for an item at the least possible price per shipment from a manufacturer/supplier. It is of no use to negotiate a manufacturer whose MOQ is too large for your business demands.

  • Samples

You should know what you are selling. Requesting the delivery of a sample will let you assess the quality of the product along with quality of packing. It gives you an idea of future dealings with the manufacturer. Samples are free or at a minimal cost and only the shipment cost are to be borne by the overseas buyer.

  • Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are something to be taken seriously, since fuel isn’t getting cheaper soon. What’s even more serious is the import duties levied on the shipment. Be sure to sort it out before fixing the deal. So that you can quite accurately estimate the landing cost of your products.

What to lookout for When choosing OEM?

Quality of kitchen utensils

The kitchenware industry is highly regulated. Strict safety standards are set due to its importance in human lives. For example, for the US and European Union market, all products that come into contact with food must meet the requirements of FDA 21 CFR and EU Framework Regulation No. 1935/2004. Also, Kitchen utensils have a high brand value in the market. Therefore, the manufacturer adheres to the design specifications and ensures strict quality control to ensure that all safety standards in the target markets are strictly met. If the quality standards are not kept, the products will not be allowed to be sold in the markets. Products may be recalled or even subjected to litigation.

• Production Time in kitchen utensils

There are two ways of making kitchen utensils. The most basic products like pots, pans, forks, spatulas and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on the other hand is for making customized and new products.

Making adjustments to the designs are unavoidable during the manufacturing process for both ODM and OEM products. These design modifications need to be done with utmost precision and speed.

For a specific product design, it is important to find out the products that are already in production and determine the ideal manufacturing method (OEM or ODM). With so many kitchenware manufacturers in China to choose from, it is important to have a deeper understanding of their production methods, otherwise it may cause unwanted delays.

• Cost in the kitchenware industry

The kitchenware industry is highly competitive. While many brands are competing for consumers’ attention, brands are constantly innovating their products and lowering prices. Major brands have moved their production facilities to China and other countries to take advantage of the low labor costs. However, the problem is the limited number of manufacturers who are able to produce kitchen utensils requiring a high level of specialized technical knowledge. Manufacturers who are able to do so are aware of the limited competition, as well as the brand value and high markups in the industry, which lead them to charge higher prices.

• Risks as a start up

Setting up kitchenware production lines in China can be complicated when the client does not have a local representative. Coordinating with manufacturers via email and other online platforms often leads to miscommunication.

Since the clients are not physically present in China, they are unable to conscientiously carry out a more thorough evaluation. This often leads to some suppliers submitting fake certificates. There are also manufacturers who copy other brands’ designs in violation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) laws. This makes some contracts not even legally enforceable in the country.

• Coordination in Production

Setting up, coordinating and monitoring production lines, especially for OEM manufacturing, in China requires a lot of careful planning. Maximum efficiency can only be achieved when all stages of the production process, including sample production, product testing and certification, are carefully planned. Clients must communicate the exact specifications of the product and packaging to the manufacturer before starting the manufacturing process. The customs administration appreciates trusted brands and prefers products with higher quality.

Some manufacturers tend not to pay enough attention and proper service to clients with smaller order sizes. They do not deliver product samples on time and sometimes ignore customization requests.

Now that you are all set to start your hunt for a Kitchen Utensil Manufacturer and supplier in China, don’t wait for the right time, grab the best deal in front of you.

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