Kitchenware Product Development

Product development services for all Kitchenware needs. We take care of all design processes, meet cost targets and deliver the right solutions as per your specific order.

We will help your business customize our products to your own branding and specifications. You can provide us by a CAD, AI, PDF of drawing or tooling instruction concept. Our highly experienced team will ensure that every procedure is performed with attention to detail and to the highest standard. We can also help you develop original product ideas that still do not exist on the market.

How we meet our customers’ Satisfaction at Kimstar

1. Planning Stage

We receive product plans, sometimes simple ideas, visionand quality specifications from our customers. Our Expert team of Designers and Engineers, draw up the strategy for manufacturing products of highest quality at best possible costs and intended lead time.

2. Product Development:

After knowing the feasibility of the project, we work on the details of building the best-fit product design. We use various professional methods and techniques at this stage to make high-end designs with use of our cutting-edge technologies.

3. Evaluation & Testing

After the planning stage and the product development stage, it is the time for our Experienced Inspectors and Valuation Team to evaluate and test the product. The product development process is repeated until it reaches the intended quality standards, which are met at the very first time, always.

4. Commercial model production planning

In order to build a manufacturing line that efficiently produces high quality products we carry out simulation using latest technologies which help in designing the detailed layout of the product.

5. Commercial production:

After initial set-up preparations, the actual production with required modification and improvements is started. Our whole team at Kimstar actively participates to make high quality products for our customers.

6. Inspection, Shipment and Delivery

Once again our experienced Inspectors from Quality Control Department closely inspect the product to make sure that there is no defect. The defects are checked manually as well as with use of updated technology systems. Finally, the Products are custom packed and shipment documents are prepared. Now, we are ready to bring smiles on our customer’s face, as we safely deliver high quality products, at affordable costs and within promised lead time.

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