Stainless Steel Cooling Wire Rack for Cooking 14.5*9.8"

Stainless Steel Cooling Wire Rack for Cooking 14.5*9.8"


Custom-make baking cooling wire racks for private labels.

The material option with stainless steel, Aluminum, or iron, with a non-stick coating.

Can shape the wire racks into round, square, or rectangular shapes. Multi layers are available.

Size: 37*25cm
Weight: 180g

OEM Services To Grow Your Brand

Accept to make similar stainless steel Pie servers, cake serving utensil and other as your drawings. With wide kitchen tools and cook’s utensils style products for options.

Various Style: Contact us for detailed contents.
Sample: Contact us for free sample details.
MOQ: Customized 2000pcs; In-stock accept mini orders; .
Shipping: Support By Sea, Air, Express or as customers require.
Payment: T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, Paypal or as customers require.
Certification: Food grade, BPA Free — FDA / LFGB.


Let’s talk about baking essentials tools – cooling rack or called wire rack in the Kitchen or catering, for cooks baking cakes, cookies, and pastries.

We are an Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) to help you with a full kitchenware solution for your business. And we are also a company that cares about production quality and customers’ satisfaction.

1. The Backstory: What is a cooling rack?
Before you frost your cake or serve your roast beef, you may want to place it on a cooling rack.
It is a kitchen utensil used for placing foods onto a surface that is easy for cooling, draining, and serving.
Most are used for cooked food to be cooled on all sides after being baked. Also can use for food that is still in a hot pan or food removed from a baking sheet or pan and placed directly onto the rack.

Typically, a cooling rack is made of stainless steel wires. Suppliers made the wires formed into a mesh square of small crisscrossed bars or a number of straight, closely aligned parallel bars so that food to be cooled can easily be supported without falling through. And these wire racks allow enough air to reach the bottom of the food so it does not retain too much moisture and become soggy.

Stainless Steel Cooling Wire Rack for Cooking 14.5*9.8"Stainless Steel Cooling Wire Rack for Cooking 14.59.8

2. The Usage:

“Yes!” Kimstar can make for food-grade stainless steel with non-stick finish, heat-resistant up to 450° F. (Just like OXO cooling rack does).
But if you are not sure about your cooling racks, better check with your manufacturer to see if there are any dos and material changes.

Dishwasher- Safe?
“Yes!” Kimstar Cooling wire racks will dishwasher test before, to ensure the racks are easy to release and quickly clean up. If you have questions about this feel free to contact us for more details.

Stainless Steel Cooling Wire Rack for Cooking 14.59.8Stainless Steel Cooling Wire Rack for Cooking 14.59.8

3. Custom-make your cooling rack from Kimstar Kitchenware:

Some racks are a single layer, multiple layers as your idea to support a batch of cookies, breads, cakes, or several pies at the same time. Can custom-make round, square, rectangular, or oval in shape. If you looking for more bakeware accessories, Kimstar is aiming to provide you with nice quality services.

OEM and Wholesale Support

Professional and trusted manufacturer of kitchen use tools, gadgets, and cook’s utensils for thousands of importers, retailers, and wholesalers. Products are BPA-Free, certificate with FBA, LFGB.


KIMSTAR, a pro kitchen tools and gadgets manufacturer with decades of experience insist provide competitive price with nice quality, concern for fair labor & safety, environmental impact, and questions that our customers care about.

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