Stainless Steel Trivets Hot Pan Stand Satin Nickel

Stainless Steel Trivets Hot Pan Stand Satin Nickel


High strength, steel design supports heavy-weight ceramic bakeware, cast iron skillets, enameled pots, and glass baking dishes with contemporary design for matching all types of decor. We can offer one-stop shopping for your trivets wholesale business.

Item Diameter: 19.6*18.5cm/pc
Item Weight: 518.8g/pc

OEM Services To Grow Your Brand

Accept to make similar stainless steel Pie servers, cake serving utensil and other as your drawings. With wide kitchen tools and cook’s utensils style products for options.

Various Style: Contact us for detailed contents.
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MOQ: Customized 2000pcs; In-stock accept mini orders; .
Shipping: Support By Sea, Air, Express or as customers require.
Payment: T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, Paypal or as customers require.
Certification: Food grade, BPA Free — FDA / LFGB.


Anything placed on table to protect it from a hot pan can be called a trivet. Just like a small plate or stand that you might need to rest hot pans or pots so you don’t burn or end up with a big scorch mark. Mainly made of Metal, Silicone, Cork, Marble, Wood, and Ceramic.

Protection: Trivets also ensure to take care of you as cooking vessels are always tricky to handle and there might be a case where the eatables inside the container spill out, which might cause severe body damage such as scars, burns, and burns much more. It also provides protection for the dining table. When you put a hot vessel directly on your wooden table, it harms your table. The heat of a vessel affects any table, but mainly the wooden table. Trivets ensure the safety of your tables.

With growing times, makers are ensuring trivets fulfil both the parameters- safety as well as aesthetics. A trivet is handy kitchen equipment used for keeping something on it or releasing unnecessary heat from the bottom of the container or a vessel.
So modern silicone trivets don’t have legs at the bottom and are used for placing them on the table for any particular meal session.

With various options, trivets also made of silicone, provide better protection for the customers to handle their kitchen items. As the silicone material is heat-resistant, lightweight, inexpensive, resilient, dishwasher-safe, and much more.

Aesthetics: Trivets will not disappoint you when it comes to attractive colours and designs. Trivets beautify the dining table area and make this kitchen look adorable.

Trivets made of heavy metal or cast iron are robust and unbreakable to a maximum extent.

This elegant stainless steel trivet with Satin Nickel finish provides a beautiful gathering spot for your piping hot pan and scorching hot pot. Spaces between each rod allow air to circulate so that those steamy hot dishes cool off a lot quicker, and powerful steel construction ensures it’s strong enough to support even a heavy pot with no problem.

Stainless Steel Trivet Hot Pan Stand Satin Nickel Stainless Steel Trivet Hot Pan Stand Satin Nickel

Apart from this, the manufacturers are also taking care that trivets come out as handy equipment with layouts, colours, and designs so that customers can get more interested in decorating houses. We, Kimstar Kitchenware Manufacturer can offer OEM/ODM services for your wholesales and importer business.

OEM and Wholesale Support

Professional and trusted manufacturer of kitchen use tools, gadgets, and cook’s utensils for thousands of importers, retailers, and wholesalers. Products are BPA-Free, certificate with FBA, LFGB.


KIMSTAR, a pro kitchen tools and gadgets manufacturer with decades of experience insist provide competitive price with nice quality, concern for fair labor & safety, environmental impact, and questions that our customers care about.

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