Steel Pasta Serving Utensils with Hollow Hammered Handle

Steel Pasta Serving Utensils with Hollow Hammered Handle


Our utensils are popular kitchen-lover gifts, safety-tested, heat-resistant, and guaranteed 100% BPA-free.

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Item Size: 33.5*8cm/pc
Item Weight: 171g/pc

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Accept to make similar stainless steel Pie servers, cake serving utensil and other as your drawings. With wide kitchen tools and cook’s utensils style products for options.

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Certification: Food grade, BPA Free — FDA / LFGB.


A pasta fork or spaghetti server soon is a utensil used when preparing and serving various types of strands, ribbons, or noodle pasta.

Essentially, a pasta fork is like a large serving spoon, with teeth. The bowl of the serving spoon may be perforated to allow the pasta to drain as it is served, while the tines of the teeth point straight up, trapping the pasta so that it cannot slide off. Depending on the design, the pasta fork may be large or small, with a very deep bowl or a bowl which is almost flattened.

Cooks use a pasta fork to hold pasta or noodle in position as it is transferred from pots to plates. You can see it in most kitchen supply stores and also customize your pasta forks in bulk from kitchenware manufacturers.

Classically, a pasta fork is made from metal, now it’s also popular in Silicone, Nylon, Wooden, and plastic pasta forks.

Stainless Steel Pasta Spoon is a good option for anyone wanting a durable, long-lasting spoon. It has the ability to bear high temperatures without compromising on its quality and is dishwasher-safe.

Nylon Straining Spoon Cooking Tool Food gradeSteel Pasta Serving Utensils with Hollow Hammered Handle

Silicone Pasta Serving Fork is great for serving pasta or mixing it with sauce, veggies, or meat. The fork’s head features a nylon or iron core that is durable for scooping spaghetti, linguine, fettuccini, and angel hair pasta. The tines easily hold on to noodles without tearing or breaking them. The silicone outer layer is safe to use on all cookware surfaces and is loved for its durability, heat resistance, and slip resistance.

Steel Pasta Serving Utensils with Hollow Hammered Handle Steel Pasta Serving Utensils with Hollow Hammered Handle
Wooden Spaghetti Spoon is an excellent choice for serving risotto or other rice dishes. Wooden forks are sometimes useful for pasta with extremely acidic sauces which could eat into the metal finish on a metal pasta fork, potentially causing a strange flavor to emerge.

Nylon Spaghetti Serving Fork is used, it is important to know how heat resistant it is, as it may melt or soften in boiling water, and this could become a problem. But a plastic spaghetti spoon is a great choice if you don’t want to worry about warping in the dishwasher like metal spoons.

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