Wine Tools and Accessories to Ramp Up Your Wine Experience

Wine Tools and Accessories to Ramp Up Your Wine Experience

It takes more than just a good wine collection to qualify as a wine enthusiast or expert. There are many wine tools and accessories available to enhance the gratification that comes with it.

Ask any sommelier what tools they consider essential, and you’ll hear things like a sturdy double-hinged corkscrew, a crystal decanter, and even an expensive wine preservation gadget!

In this article, we will about the best wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers that you can rely upon! But first, let’s talk about some of the best tools and accessories.

Best Wine Tools and Accessories

Let’s take a look at some of the basic wine equipment you’ll need to get started with your new passion.


Although most people are familiar with the appearance of a decanter, its function is often overlooked. This wine tool is more about serving wine straight from the bottle! You may pour it into a big glass “pitcher” called a decanter.

The primary use of a decanter is to expose the wine to air, but it may also be used to serve extremely old wines, in which case the majority of the wine should be poured out of the bottle before the sediment is poured back in.

The wine’s flavor and scent expand up and become more pleasant to taste as it reacts with the oxygen in the air. The best decanters, in my opinion, are those with a wide, shallow bowl rather than a mostly vertical design.

This allows more of the wine’s surface to come in touch with the air during the aeration process. These are ideal for serving wines that are still quite young and require time to air before being consumed.

Choosing a Decanter

Knowing how you typically drink is the first and most important step in making the appropriate choice when it comes to a decanter. Because the primary factor that determines the qualities of the carafes is the function that is served by the object.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is ask yourself, “which wines do I drink?” to be able to choose which wines should be decanted. Only then you’d be able to determine the wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers are the best.

However, this is also a decision that is influenced by how things look! Both glass and crystal may be used to make decanters. In addition, their form, particularly, will change depending on the function that they provide.

Aeration is recommended for all younger wines, as you are likely well aware. However, do a taste test before decanting. Even if the bottle is sealed, the wine will taste better after being exposed to air.


Everyone is familiar with the concept of a corkscrew, but can you name the specific uses for each variety? You may be surprised to learn how many variations there are on the corkscrew.

Types of Corkscrews

Simple Corkscrew

The only components of this corkscrew are the metal screw and the wooden grip. This is enough in most cases, albeit it may be difficult to extract the cork due to a lack of appropriate leverage.

Double-hinged Corkscrew

It is the professional corkscrew is used by sommeliers and wine experts. A little serrated knife is also included so that the foil on top of the wine bottle may be easily cut.

The corkscrew’s boot lever may be adjusted to various heights through a hinge in its center, providing more leverage for ejecting the cork. Once the cork is approximately halfway out of the bottle, switch to the notch at the end of the boot lever.

Wing Corkscrews

These corkscrews are popular with novices since the screw is simpler to locate in the cork’s core, but they may cause significant wine contamination by releasing dust and microscopic cork fragments when used on natural corks.

Older corks on vintage wines are especially vulnerable since they tend to be torn in two by these cork pullers. Different wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers are dealing in wing corkscrews, it’s important to make the right choice.

Cork Extractors

These are not corkscrews, but rather two metal prongs with a handle that may be used to carefully pry out old, fragile corks. Once both prongs have been placed into the bottle, one on each side of the cork, the cork may be easily extracted by gently pulling the extractor upwards while twisting it.

Choosing a Corkscrew

Ease of Use

When looking to purchase a wine opener or corkscrew, the convenience with which it may be used should be the first factor to be considered.

If the corkscrew is difficult to use, you can wind up with cork crumbs in the wine, damaged corks, or you might not be able to extract the cork from the bottle at all. As a result of this, many major enterprises have switched to corkscrews that are counter-mounted, wall-mounted, or electric since these configurations make the removal of corks very simple for everyone.

Because of the lower cost, some businesses, particularly those employing sommeliers or other employees who are educated in the removal of wine corks, may choose to use a pocket or waiter’s corkscrew.


Waiters and pocket corkscrews are fantastic options for staff members who are always on the go because of their compact design. The lightweight and compact design of these corkscrews make them ideal for carrying in an apron or the pocket of a pair of slacks.

Larger corkscrews, such as electric, counter mount, and wall mount corkscrews, are preferable for use in a single place where employees must bring wine bottles to the corkscrew in order to open them.

Larger corkscrews are often more efficient and less difficult to operate than their smaller counterparts. So, go for wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers that offer larger ones.

Cork Type

There are several distinct kinds of corks, each of which requires a certain kind of corkscrew. To begin, wine corks may be either synthetic or natural. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Because synthetic corks are thicker than natural corks, it takes a greater amount of power to turn the worm into the cork when using a synthetic cork. The extraction process is less likely to cause synthetic corks to fall apart, which is one of the benefits of using them.

Natural corks are more prone to breaking and damage during removal than their synthetic counterparts. Natural corks have the benefit of ensuring that wines are aged appropriately even after being kept for extended periods of time.

Vacuum Pump

You may extend the wine’s freshness after opening it by using a vacuum pump. Each pump comes with a set of rubber stoppers that may be used in lieu of a cork on an already open bottle.

If you aren’t going to drink the wine right away, you can keep it from oxidizing by pumping the air out of the bottle and sealing it under a vacuum.

Choosing a Vacuum Pump

When looking for a vacuum pump, you should prioritize how easy it is to use as well as how long it will last. In addition to that, you should explain the protection that it offers to the wine, as well as its characteristics, precision, and value.

Wine Chiller

While an ice bucket serves the same purpose, you may find a wine cooler more convenient. These are more convenient than an ice bucket because of their size, but they cannot chill a bottle. Rather, they will keep it at a cool temperature.

A wine chiller is a compact, usually double-walled bucket that is designed to hold a single bottle of wine and retain the wine’s temperature for many hours. They come particularly handy during the warmer months or at gatherings when the wine will be sitting out for a while and the room temperature may be higher than ideal.

Choosing a Wine Chiller

When selecting a wine chiller, there are a few factors that are very crucial to take into account, including the following:

  • How many bottles will you need to have room for in your storage space? Because you will want to be able to add to your collection, you should ensure that there is sufficient room for it to expand.
  • In which room of the home do you want to install the wine cabinet? Choose between freestanding and built-in versions for your wine cabinet, and try to avoid positioning it where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Do you plan to store the wine in the cabinet, or do you want to serve it? While multi-temp versions are meant to offer your reds and whites at the right drinking temperatures, single-temp cabinets are good for cellaring (all wines cellar at 12°-14°), and single-temp cabinets are perfect for storing wine.


While wine experts are the most common users of the Coravin, serious wine drinkers may also find it useful. Using this apparatus, you may remove wine from a bottle without breaking the seal by inserting a needle through the cork.

When you decant a bottle of wine, argon gas from a tiny cartridge is inserted in its place to prevent oxygen from oxidizing the wine. This way, you may have a glass of wine without having to open the whole bottle.

A bottle that has had its cork pierced may be stored for another month or more, but it will not mature for years.

How to Find Wine Tools and Accessories Manufacturer and Suppliers?

Many individuals seeking Chinese items use the internet. B2B platforms may be better than Google, Bing, or Yahoo. These internet sourcing portals link customers to Chinese manufacturers. Enter your needs in the search field to find a source.

Since China has thousands of vendors, you may filter them using reviews and the platform’s ranking system.

Instead of resellers, look for manufacturers

While search engines and sourcing platforms are valuable for shortlisting, many of the firms they mention may be resellers, not manufacturers.

When purchasing items that must fulfill certain technical standards, such as decanters, extractors, and corkscrews, it’s essential to find a manufacturer and obtain from them directly. This significantly cuts the expenses.

Visit a trade expo

Visit a trade expo in China to identify manufacturers or suppliers, if you’re up to it. Your capacity to invest so much time and money depend on your business’s size, the items you want to outsource, and your budget.

Such fairs show why China is considered the world’s factory unanimously. It will also show you better market options. Some worldwide companies attend larger fairs to uncover counterfeits and take action against their makers.

The Canton Expo is China’s biggest trade fair, held twice a year in Guangzhou (previously Canton). This mega expo gathers 26,000 exhibitors and 180,000 customers from across the globe. Those searching for new goods to add to their stocks should attend.

The Canton Fair has been called “the trade fair of everything” and is a fantastic beginning point for finding wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers in China.

Take help from sourcing agents

Businesses new to outsourcing might use sourcing agents to discover vendors and coach them through the process. Sourcing allies have helped US and European firms produce and source from China, India, and Eastern Europe for over a decade.

Shortlist suppliers and manufacturers

While your first searches may turn up a long list of possible vendors, you’ll want to narrow it down to just a select few. To accomplish this, you may get in touch with them and specify your needs, such as:

  • Cost on a unit basis
  • The components you want to make
  • The lowest acceptable order quantity
  • You may get support from the manufacturer whether you need a prototype made, are in possession of a mold, or both

Additionally, you may verify someone’s identity by asking them for additional information. This information may include things like:

  • Check whether they have experience producing components like the one you need.
  • Time in the industry
  • What percentage of their exports now go abroad
  • The company has a MOQ or minimum order quantity
  • Certifications required for operating their businesses
  • Production-related certifications, if any, that they may hold

Verify the credentials

You must now confirm their legitimacy. Even if some clear data is accessible online and they may have given you some data as well, you should assess:

  • If they are the manufacturer directly instead of a middleman.
  • If they have the know-how and capacity to provide what they promise.

You should verify the factory’s Value Added Tax invoice, ask for audited financials, and inspect product samples before doing business with them. You may also tell me the Chinese name of the factory, its exact location, and the name of the government agency that has control over it.

You may double-check the factory’s claimed information with records kept by this department. In this way, you’d be able to determine the best wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers!

One technique to sort out the manufacturers from the resellers in China is to learn which location is the most proficient in producing your desired goods. Zhejiang province, for instance, is home to a large number of enterprises.

Suppliers located in other provinces are more likely to be middlemen than actual producers; you may wish to cross them from your list.

Best Wine Tools and Accessories Manufacturer and Suppliers in China

Some of the best wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers that operate around China include the following:

Yantai Changyou Glass Co., Ltd.

The glass bottle goods and associated packaging solutions that Yantai Changyou Glass Co., Ltd offers have been available to customers for more than 16 years. The primary products include many different types of glass objects, such as wine bottles, spirit glass bottles, beer glass bottles, drink bottles, essential oil bottles, olive oil bottles, cosmetic bottles, food jars, medicinal glass bottles, and so on.

Orders for customized designs, OEM, and ODM products are empowered at their manufacturing facility. They have a low required minimum order quantity, which gives them greater flexibility to suit the needs of more customers. As a result of all of these benefits, they are a one-stop packaging provider.

The consistently high quality of their goods is a significant strength of their brand. They make a living off of quality. Not only do they have superior quality control devices, but they also have a skilled quality control team that consists of 17 staff members. More than five years of work experience are held by 95% of the members in this group.

Shanghai Touch Industrial Development Co., Ltd

2005 marked the beginning of operations for Shanghai Touch Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Their goods now span three of the industry’s most important categories: personal care, cold chain, and everyday requirements.

Ice packs and ice boxes are what they are famous for – especially when it comes to wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers. They have a professional manufacturing line and a high-level, high-quality management staff.

Hence, they are able to ensure that the items are released into the market at the appropriate time and with the appropriate specifications.

As of right now, Shanghai Touch Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is striving to become a high-tech business of a world-class caliber, one that is competitive on a worldwide scale and that integrates manufacturing, commerce, and customer service.

Ningbo Ezfocus Co., Ltd.

Based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, they have good transit access to the Ningbo port. Ningbo Ezfocus Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in the research, development, and manufacture of different wine accessories and products.

When they first opened doors, more than 15 years ago, they operated as a general exporter, selling a wide variety of goods to a variety of customers. The company has developed into an export supplier offering a variety of services.

Zhongshan Jinyumei Home Products Co., Ltd.

Jinyumei is a well-known wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers in China. Because of their cutting-edge welding technique and high-quality finished goods, they help contemporary families enjoy a higher standard of wine accessories.

Jinyumei’s goal is to facilitate the development of a “gold space” unique to each individual consumer.

Each and every one of Jinyumei’s wares are made and tested in compliance with the strictest of global standards. They hold fast to the principle that the reputation of a brand depends on the excellence of its products, and they do all in their power to maintain that reputation.

Hubei Tanyte Technology Co., Ltd.

The Hubei Tanyte Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise that focuses on the production, design, and development of all different kinds of hookah accessories, as well as wine accessories and tools.

Numerous clients have expressed how much they like the company’s comprehensive and scientific approach to quality control, as well as its extensive selection, innovative designs, and competitive pricing.

The items have been exported to mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan in addition to America, Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, and South America. They have also been marketed in the Middle East and Africa. T

The company continues to push forward with the production concept of quality for survival, reputation for development, as well as the business philosophy of common development and mutual benefit.

As a result, the company is able to offer customers competitive products that are of high quality and provide them with service that is honest and sincere. We are really excited to collaborate with you in order to produce something spectacular.

Take Away

The wine tools and accessories we discussed in this article are a terrific place to start whether you’re just getting started with your wine hobby or you just want to refresh your toolkit.

It might be difficult to tell a useful tool from a useless toy among the hundreds of devices available on the market today, which is why we appreciate the opinions of true experts in the field.

Sommeliers are the front-line workers in the wine industry, therefore they have a unique understanding of the optimal conditions for wine tasting. They might also help you wine tools and accessories manufacturer and suppliers in China.

The items we’ve highlighted above were chosen because they’ve acquired traction amongst industry veterans, but we’re constantly on the lookout for the next great thing.

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