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You don’t know how to build a product? Kimstar can put all your ideas and dreams into reality.

No matter, if you have your product designs ready or not, Kimstar Engineers can do this for you.

We are the masters of OEM & ODM Services !

Our specialization in Kitchenware Manufacturing and Innovative R&D has made us the Best OEM/ODM Partner for number of trusted brands around the world


Kimstar Design-In Service Process


Kimstar starts the process of Designing with your input and a lot of research in gathering relevant information from all stakeholders. Our experts do brainstorming, do design experiments, visualize creative concepts and evaluate every idea

Concept Creation & Development

After research, as we move onto Concept Development stage, We ensure that all design concepts are translated into feasible solutions


The next step is to check the intended user’s interaction with the designed product. We make sure that the design is effortless to use, while ensuring the safety, efficiency, and comfort

Computer Aided Design

Kimstar uses high-end technology with sophisticated Software to develop accurate computer & mechanical models, which will be subjected to various tests

Prototype & Manufacturing

At the final stage, Our Experts will create sketch models and prototypes of product components and do the market testing by involving target consumers to touch, hold and interact with the final design.

Aethetics & Styling

Our Engineers & Designers make sure that the designed product appeals to the intended target market without any compromise on its functionality.

Mechanical Design

While doing the Aesthetics & Styling of the product, our team of expert engineers and designers optimize the product’s appearance through 3D Modeling, Sketching, Computer Surface Modeling and Prototyping.

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