Kitchenware QA&QC Services

With Kimstar, you can achieve your quality objectives, manufacture and deliver safe products, with cutting-edge, customized and quality controls solutions for kitchenware

Kimstar offers Effective Quality Control Program

Kimstar verifies the Physical, Mechanical and Chemical properties of allkitchenware. We make sure that all relevant standards as applicable in your destination country are fully met.


Kimstar Benefits:

Customized Inspection Checklists as per Destination Standards

Some of the Industry standard tests that Kimstar performs include: Export Carton Drop Test, ISTA 1A or 1B Test, Real function check, Safety Check, Smell Test, Adhesive Test on Logo, ASTM D3559-02, Abuse Test, Impact Test, Stability Check, Capacity Check, Cross Cut Test, Water Leakage Test, Wobbly Base Test, Temperature Accuracy Test, Heat Resistance Test, and all related standard tests

All On-site and Laboratory Quality Tests with cutting-edge technology

Kimstar specializes in performing various laboratory tests like EN 1860, EN 12983, 84/500/EC, ZEK 01-08, ASTM E34 – 11, ASTM F1786-97, ASTM C-738, EEC 1935/2004, EEC 2023/2006, Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011, California Proposition 65, and all other standard laboratory tests.

Product Inspection and Supplier Audit

Our Services also include Pre-Production check, During Production Inspection, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Final Random Inspection, Container Loading Supervision, Production Monitoring, Product Sampling, Factory Audit, Social Audit and all other allied standard services.

Detailed and Tailor-Made Quality Reports
Compliance with all Industry Standard and AQL Standard
Conformity Assessments
Specialized & Expert team of Quality Inspectors & Engineers

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